Tramas & Cores are a small brand that sells products from its cooperates, artisans and artisans from riverside communities in the region of Santarém, in western Pará, which, with the support of Projeto Saúde & Alegria, transformed a traditional activity in an opportunity of generating income, rescuing knowledge and skills, valuing cultural identity.



Riverside people speak Portuguese, and most of them are descendt of indigenous people.

Using different techniques, fibers and pigments of the forest, with a variety of textures and shapes, all the pieces are the result of awareness and qualification, a collective work organization that promotes social inclusion and citizenship.


The handicraft produced by traditional forest populations, which aggregates sustainably extracted raw material, traditional knowledge, cultural identity, manual skills, and creativity.


The braided vegetable fiber is one of the oldest arts in the world. Traditional Amazonian populations use innumerable native fibers to weave baskets, mandalas, purses, and many other utilitarian and decorative products.

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