São Domingos village is part of an indigenous reserve called Krehawã, where part of the Iny - Karajá people live. It is located in Brazil, in the state of Mato Grosso and the closest city is Luciara.

Krehawã is one of the 12 villages where the Iny people live in Brazil, and you can also find them in the states of Tocantins, most of them in Banana Island (the world's largest pluvial island) Goiás, and Pará.



Although most of them can speak Portuguese, they communicate with each other in Iny Rybé, their mother language.

Traditionally they make beautiful crafts. In the past, it used to be made for their own consumption - some of the baskets were used to transport food, ceramic dolls were used to play with the kids and jewelry was made to wear during their rituals. 

Nowadays, however, those crafts are the main source of income in the village, especially for the woman.


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